Access a space quickly

There are 4 ways to access your space quickly from anywhere in iOS:


  1. Open Shortcuts app, and navigate to Spaces shortcuts.

  2. Long-press on a shortcut, and then select "Add to Home Screen".

  3. Customize the Home Screen icon, and then tap "Add".

  4. Tap the Home Screen shortcut.


  1. From the Home Screen, long press an empty area to activate edit mode.

  2. Tap the + button on the top left corner.

  3. Navigate to Spaces widgets, select a widget, and tap "Add Widget".

  4. Long-press on the added widget, and then select "Edit Widget".

  5. Choose the space you want to open when the widget is tapped.

  6. Tap the widget.

Spotlight Search

  1. From the Lock Screen or the Home Screen, swipe down to activate Spotlight Search.

  2. Search for the space name.

  3. Tap the space link in the search results.


  1. Activate Siri using your method of choice. On most iPhones, you can say "Hey, Siri" or "Siri", or press and hold the side button.

  2. Say "Open <space name> in Spaces.".

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© 2024 ObjectSpaces